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Long Long is the biggest company supplying Gym flooring: rubber tiles, rubber mats, rubber roll in Viet Nam.

Thanks to recent years' events, a home training space is not just a luxury for the rich and famous anymore. It's a way of life. And creating a fully-stocked at-home gym is still a priority for many. But there's one essential (yet often overlooked) piece of equipment you need right under your feet: a good gym-friendly floor.



Depending on your current setup, you may just be using a yoga mat or whatever flooring is in your home. But if you want to elevate your at-home gym space, investing in a new floor can up your training game.

Besides looking cool, the right fitness-friendly flooring can also help protect your joints and prevent injuries from slips and falls. Plus, it can also increase stability, reduce body impact, and boost plyometric power. And if you're worried about the damage your weights or equipment may be doing to your floors, installing some fitness flooring will do the trick.

Rubber mats is the best choice for the gym flooring becos of its advantages:


Long Long is the biggest company supplying Gym flooring in Viet Nam.

And we are always ready to meet the customer’s demands.

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