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Recycle rubber is in great demand nowadays as recycled rubber can be used in a wide variety of applications. Recycled rubber is relative cheap compared to unused rubber and is used in the production of several rubber goods.

 Infact there are a large number of manufacturers who prefer to use recycled rubber in their production unit. And there are many manufacturers and suppliers who deal with supplying recycled rubber. Recycled rubber is used in shoes, plastics, paints, carpets, tires etc. Rubber chunks or rubber powder is produced through recycled rubber, which is used in a wide variety of goods. Recycled rubber is even a source of fuel.
Using Recycled Rubber Check out the various application areas where recycled rubber is used.


  • Rubber Highways: Most highway pavers in developed countries like Arizona, California and Texas use recycled rubber as a highway surface additive. The rubber that is melted leads to an expansion of the flexibility of asphalt and this leads to the construction of roads which can withstand ground movement and cracking much better than the original asphalt.
  • Rubber Playgrounds: It is also seen that most plastic playground equipment and rubber mulches are manufactured from recycled rubber. Rubber chunks, produced from recycled rubber, are used as mulches, which offer soft surfaces for falling children. These recycled rubber playgrounds contain less amount of chemicals than most traditional mulch and hence are safe for children. Recycled rubber is also used in the manufacturing of playground equipments.


  • Rubber Fuels: Power plant and cement kiln operators use recycled rubber products as fuels. Rubber is used as a fuel in most American countries as they need alternative fuels to supplement high coal demands. But coal fuels and rubber fuels release toxins and hence are generally harmful to air quality.
  • Eco-Friendly Fashions: There are many fashion designers who manufacture fashion products like purses, messenger bags, garments from recycled rubber sources. Recycled rubber fashions appeal to both environmentally friendly and animal-loving people. It is seen in clothing or luggage, panels made of recycled rubber is used instead of plastics or animal skins. Recycled rubber solves the problem of including harmful rubber waste in landfills.
  • Tire Manufacturing: Research has shown that one gallon of oil is saved per tire when manufacturers use recycled rubber in manufacturing of automobile tires. Rubber powder produced from recycled rubber uses up to 10% of the rubber content of a new tire.



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