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High tensile strength reclaim rubber manufacturer in Vietnam and made from 100% waste truck tire rubber granules with competitive and stable price.


Long Long Rubber Recycling is the reliable whole tire reclaim rubber manufacturer  in Vietnam, our products are made from 100% recycled rubber granules from waste truck tires with high quality and suitable used in many industries.

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Long Long was established as a leading rubber recycling factory in Vietnam


We are controlling a full process of production with 2 ultra-modern factories in Hanoi, we solve hundreds tons of waste tires in Vietnam everyday with advanced equipment from European, from qualified rubber crumbs/powder to reclaimed rubber.



We’re supplying 2 popular specifications below for whole tire reclaim rubber, if you need the other standards for your production, please feel free to contact us for consultation and quotation.



Reclaim rubber specification



Tire reclaim rubber are mostly used in both tire and non-tire industries which are conveyor belts, tires, rubber tiles/mats, rubber products to reduce cost and protect the environment.




We are Bridgestone’s partner to handle their waste, end-of-life tires in Vietnam, we control all the process from input material to ensure the high quality as well as competitive and stable price.





Reclaim rubber production process in our factory 


If you are looking for a reliable reclaim rubber manufacturer for long-term cooperation, we welcome you to visit and work with us at our factory in Hanoi. We also offer customers free samples for testing.




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