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Long Long Rubber is the leading rubber recycling manufacturer in Vietnam which is supplying recycled materials from used rubber tires -  for shoe sole / techinal rubber/ conveyor belt / anti viration device production.


Recycled materials can be used in the manufacturing process to make the production process greener and more sustainable. Using recycled materials has already  become a worldwide trend.

Now, the challenge  is attracting widespread buying from manufacturers to use recycled materials instead of raw materials. Investments to scale up recycling processes, expand stadable demand for eco friendly products  will be key solution for these problems.



In an ideal circular economy, we wouldn't create waste. Recycling this waste for using in new products is one way to recover its value and the world continues on the way of building a circular economy.

Unfortunately, many people believe that the material is recycled from waste or recovered materials are of inferior quality to virgin materials. However, the concept of quality is also dependent on usage, as current industrial processes are designed and calibrated to use raw materials, recycled materials can disrupt the value chain, for adjusting their processes, manufacturers will recover value from using recycled materials.



Keeping supply in the supply chain is also a challenge. Meeting supply and demand of two supply chains requires careful storage planning to avoid material shortages, which increases the cost of holding inventorystorage. Designing manufacturing processes that are flexible so as not to cause disruptions requires cooperation between the buyer and the supplier.

One of the problems manufacturers are concerned with when using recycled materials is changing the production process. If the properties of the new material differ from the properties of the original or traditional materials, the manufacturing process itself must be adjusted accordingly.


Contact Long Long export sales team in case you are on deamand of Recycled rubber / Reclaimed rubber / Rubber mats...



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