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Long Long rubber is the no. 1 supplier of Reclaimed rubber - Main material for shoe sole production.

Rubber soles made from recycled materials have become more and more popular  today. People are gradually changing their awareness of the environment and the products they use every day. 

Rubber soles can be made of natural rubber, reclaimed rubber or regenerated rubber materials depending on the manufacturer, because rubber is a high polymer compound, so it has good elasticity and resistance to abrasion. Therefore, it can withstand many bending, stretching and compression without damage, and improving comfort. Besides, this type of sole is also resistant to acids and alkalis, suitable on rainy days.


The advantage of natural rubber is that it is very soft and elastic, suitable for many different types of soles. However, the disadvantage is also obvious that it is not resistant to abrasion.

Synthetic rubber is more diverse with good wear resistance and toughness, this material is used to produce a wide variety of rubber soles. It is usually soft, flexible, when used for shoe soles prodution ,  a comfortable and pleasant feeling to the user, not feeling too hard. And of course, it has stronger impact absorption, so when you step, you don't feel the stiffness of the face as much as other soles. Rubber has good water resistance, good strength and stable shrinkage.


 Together with the improvement of footwear technology, many new types of materials can be incorporated in the footwear production. Shoe soles made from recycled rubber and reused materials are a big trend in the market due to the increasing social awareness of environmental sustainability issues. Depending on the formula of each manufacturer, recycled materials will be mixed in different proportions, which can account for 20-50% of the sole composition, reducing the environmental impact of shoe sole production.

At Long Long, we are proud to produce recycled materials from tires - reclaimed rubber to serve the creation of quality shoe soles. We are committed to making a positive impact on the way we use shoes every day.

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