Thousands of crap tires are illegally dumped in our precious bushland and waterways each year, and result in a waste of resource, a fire hazard and a threat to the environment. 


All of Long Long products are made from recycled rubber. By transforming tires from an environmental hazard into a useable product allows all of our customers to participate in the environment sustainability of our planet.

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+Playground and sport surfaces.

+Building-noise and vibration insulation.

+Asphalt aggregate.

+Increases several times the road safety (raining time)

+Lenghthens braking distances.

+Elongations (2-3 times) life of the road

+Reduce noise.

+Anti-aging and anti cracking effect.

+Sound barrier walls.

+Domestic and industrial floor covering.

+Rubber tiles / paving / mats.Turn in-fill.

+Moulded products


+Environmental friendly

+Cost optimization



+Material: 100% recycled tires.

+Purity: Metal and textile free.

+Sizes: 0-1 mm, 1-3 mm, 3-6 mm or 30-40mesh

+Odor: no smell.

+Non toxic.


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