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Long Long - EPDM rubber flooring contruction orgnization in Hanoi, a safe outdoor playground for children.



Ecopark is an EPDM rubber flooring construction project in Hanoi with an area of 105m2, designed with bright colors : blue, green, yellow.


With 2 main layers, this EPDM rubber flooring project has the first layer of black rubber granules recycled from old tires at Long Long factory, the surface layer is a unique color scheme of EPDM rubber granules to increase the aesthetics of the project, attract children.


We construct EPDM rubber flooring in Hanoi with 100% eco friendly, non-toxic materials, with full CQ/CO.

Our EPDM playground has many advantages:

✔️Anti-slip surface

✔️Shockproof, good elasticity, svoid injury.

✔️Good color fastness


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